Saturday, March 07, 2009


My soulmate Dusty near the spiral staircase!
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Child's Play!

Watch these two get on to something serious on the computer!
My kids! On right wholely mine, on the left I guess have to share her with her parents!
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Sister Act

My sister Sunanda (Lavanya) sitting in my car at a jam on the way to Bharatpur on Republic Day weekend. We haven't done anything like this for a couple of decades or more!

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Cool Panch Line

It was a burning hot day in this village area near Jaipur in early March 09. That incredible structure behind is about 5 degrees cooler than everything else around.

I'd gone to meet the SarPanch es of about five village panchayats on project work. The bloke in front with the tie is a colleague of mine and some of the guys at the back at the Sarpanch people i went to meet. It was an incredible experience talking to them....

....some of the work i'm up to. This time a rural infrastructure project idea....
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Oh Well.....

A six hundred year old step well about an hour out of Jaipur. On a recent project visit.....
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