Saturday, June 25, 2011

Insightful Wordsmithing

Recently, the US and China got into a spat because a US warship patrolling the waters off the Chinese coast drifted too close to some sensitive establishments. The Chinese government reported stated that it may have been on a secret mission. The US response (a killer line) is that the warship was investigating "mysteries" not "secrets".

Some time ago, I came across a quotation on the web with several complimentary comments from readers. It went "There was never a good war or a bad peace". I was wowed too. For a little while. Then some thoughts propelled themselves through my head:

Would Papa Doc's tenure in Haiti qualify as "good peace"?
Would fighting Adolf Hitler qualify as a "bad war"?
Would a genocidal and oppressive regime qualify as "peace" or a "a war on humanity".

Whilst the pacifist intentions of the person credited with the quote above are obviously clear, everything else is up in the air. But it sounds really good and insightful.

Why if one were to make such insightful communication available to all?! Imagine the rich vein of conversation that would pervade life.

This is what resulted:

Use "good" and "bad" with combination situations closely associated with each other in a context:

PERFORMANCE REWARDS: There was never a good bonus or a bad promotion

CITY LIFE: There was never good traffic or a bad greenlight 

LEADERSHIP : There was never a good politician or a bad statesman. 

If we replace Good/bad with another combination, say Noble/evil

There was never a noble investment banker or an evil worker (post 2008 world). 

Now try some of your own. It isn't so difficult is it? You've become a philosopher. Ph.D. (Bullshitting). Time to file your papers for elections.

There was never noble wordsmith-ing or evil straight-talking!

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