Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jack's Tale

{Aspiring Rap track}

That’s Jack out there,
Winning the prize
And it ain’t a surprise
He’s not just one of the guys
Its time that you were made aware….
…of him

Jack’s now on the plate
The crowning moment
That makes him a great
Look at that shy smile
Wonder where’s it been all this while?

He says “Time for a speech
Something from the heart
That won’t sound like a preach
As always, a little apart
Where your soul can reach

You’ve heard this all before
Sounds like folklore
That money is nothing
That can make you something
Am I sounding like a bore?

You can play the fool
When you’re in school
But be ready for the test
To prove you’re the best
Its called the learning tool

“hey, Jack, I remember what you did
Way back in school
When I was the mule
Who’s work you stole
To make the honors roll”

Then work for the learning
Not for the earning
You got to be a team man
And fit into the plan
Suppress your own yearning

Its Pete now (different voice)

“hey, Jack, remember the talk we had
When we were doing so bad
At the bar over a whisky
An idea that wasn’t too risky
That would turn the bad to glad

When I turned up the next day late
In front of the whole board
Who stood up to applaud
And told you it was great
you thanked privately mate

……..Jack the team man!

Remember the kids and wife
And a home that’s warm
Helps you weather the storm
And life’s N-bomb
Helps build the good life

Jill (another voice)

“Hey, Jack, remember pretty Jane
The one who drove you insane
The one who kept you  from home
While I was alone
While my heart was crushed with pain”

Then jump into the gale
Bring in the new for the stale
Let your team know
That its for all to grow
Its not just about powerpoint and email

Investment Banker Jim:

“Hey, jack you always paid the bill
Never understood that until
I chanced upon the monument
That was your expense statement
That told me it wasn’t your till”

Your buddies you have to trust
As even you will rust
Nothing you can do
When age declares a curfew
And the faculties go bust

Treat your owners
Like they aren’t rich loaners
But your best friend
Working to a common end
Without any groaners

If you wanna play Mr Nice
You’ll pay the price
Of a mangled decision
That lacks the precision
Of a guru’s advice

Don’t let the quest for pelf
Leave truth on the shelf
‘Cos it always comes back to bite
Its almost like a rite
So just protect yourself

The G man says:
“Hey Jack, liked the trip to Hawaii
When I let the laws go by
We kept it under a lid
To help you win the bid
And the shares went from “sell to buy”

So let me conclude
I hope I haven’t been crude
About the things I’ve shared
And the soul I’ve bared
But I’m not a prude

The key to success
Just follow that process
And you will appreciate
That its never too late
To be the next great”

“Bullshit sold
I’m never too old
Just like the old Jack
Give it a whack
Cover my back
And run with my stack”

……Jack’s tale…….

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