Sunday, September 23, 2012

Save the Planet

“OOOh! Was that some gig,
Despite that capitalist pig
Now, it time to relax
Cushion on our backs
Lets head to that rig

Nice thing about five star
There’s always a stocked bar
On conference days,  the bill
Paid by the company till
Per diem on top, since I’m afar

Hi!  Glenmorangie double shot
No, you don’t pay, its time I bought,
Some vodka for you, Raj,
Absolut maybe, and large,
To celebrate the battle we fought?”

He takes off his jacket
Pulls his tablet from its packet
“Some snaps for you
Since we have time to view
Without all the day’s racket”

That’s my humble office
Where every day I surface
Outside it’s the North Pole
Inside its climate control
A very clever purchase”

“Sven, that’s the size of my house!
For the kid, me and the spouse
We do have fans, but
Only if the power ain’t cut
Otherwise, no other grouse.”

“So, Raj, you’re NGO
Its got a great logo
It’ll be a powerful brand
When people understand
That you aren’t just a hobo “

“Sven, we’re working on the science
Of complete compliance
Local resources for local needs
Ensure everyone reads
So its complete self reliance

The big glitch is power
That goes off by the hour
But we have a gen set
That  has a cable outlet
That also runs the wireless tower”

“What, you’re burning all the gas?
And polluting en masse
Why can’t the power be green?
When you try to change the scene
On the village canvas”

“This is place is drought prone
Almost nothing is grown
So no crops of size, or cattle
To help fight the battle
Of people starvation prone.

Why don’t visit us there?
Direct bus from the city square
It’ll take half a day
200 bucks one way
Of our work, you can be aware”

“Here, let me check my list
If there’s time for a tryst.
Waiter, could I  have refill ?
Ice up to the sill
Its hot, turn up the A/C to mist!

I could come next May
I’m generally away
A conference in Qatar
Then hub through to Dakar
Then a retreat in Monterrey

Vacation time in Cancun
It never seems to come too soon
The frequent flier miles
Translate into family smiles
They’re over the moon!”

May it is, Raj, that’s great
We should leave, its late
Can I give you a drop?
To the nearest train stop
Yeah, that Merc, with the diplomatic plate

Raj, its so damn tiring
To think that pig is conspiring
To sell the earth away
So he gets more pay
And can think of retiring

Here we are,  trying our best
Bravely registering our protest
To say, the earth has its limits
Doomsday is in just minutes
Don’t rape the earth, invest.

Conserve the resources
Dump the car, take the horses
Don’t live your life by bourses
Any other view, just can it
What’s important :  Save The Planet

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