Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coach Class

He’s got the big break
There’s plenty to make
The news was a splash
It’s the nite of the big bash

He scarcely turns to glance
Family, friends, dinner and dance,
He’s waiting for the chief guest,
Don’t care about the rest

The pretty girl in the halter neck
Wants to chat for a sec
She turns it on, a million volts,
The usual stuff that sucks, from dolts

Here’s dad’s friend,
Gifts him the gold pen
“Am I proud of you, son
That you’re the chosen one”

His eyes flick to the door
He can’t wait no more
Then suddenly she’s there
Like an answer to his prayer

He rushes, gives her a  hug,
Looks like he’s been bitten by the bug,
Claps for the group’s attention
Time for the honorary mention

“ This beautiful woman over here
I won’t say “chic” out of fear
Is the cause of the party tonight
With her presence, it feels right”

He brings out the wrapped gift
It ain’t heavy to lift
Unfurled..now… the diamond gleams
A big announcement it seems

“Some things you can’t do single
But work and fun can mingle
At times the going was rough..
But, boy, is she tough”

“Meet my guiding light
The one who set it right
The Lady with the sexy approach
Meet my teacher, my coach!

She breaks into a smile,
It looks like its come after a while,
Life’s been tough but fast, never slow,
Helping these kids grow

She figures its not the time to think
Walks to the bar and grabs a drink
A quiet hooray, some friendly chit chat
For her at 60, the evening, well..that’s that.

On the way home, in the train
She tries not to think about him again
But the two she’ll work with next day
Making them champs? She’ll find a way.

But inside she’s screaming with joy,
Like a child with a brand new toy
It’s what she does this for
Thanks, a hug, nothing more

(for all my teachers....some in class, many in life.....maybe I should have called it  Class Coach instead)

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