Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dunn that !

Most of my friends haven't seen me in formal wear. Mostly crumpled T-shirts, shorts, jeans...that sort of stuff. I finally located this. "I'm just an ordinary guy" (pick the film! - clue - I've Dunn that). And like for most ordinary people, there are some extraordinary moments.  This was one. At IIM, Indore. A presentation on a. rural infrastructure programme I'd been working on. In the front row, was  President Kalam (yes, the great one himself - the picture isn't very clear) and I was doing the dance about a vision he'd articulated. On the right edge of the picture is Dr Mayaram (the architect and driving force behind the programme). Some plebs like me were also there!  I felt quite honored.
Dr Kalam complimented us on what we'd made of it and then proceeded to handle the Q&A with the audience, addressing everyone single person as "Sir" and "Ma'am". A pretty humbling experience.


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    1. K, will attend to this logging stuff. Still figuring out many options on this site.