Tuesday, October 09, 2012


(It amazes me how rapidly the mind switches gear, when its in a fragile and vacillating state. This bit sums up how it works...I think...maybe not...yes....no...of course..... Its almost funny, when it isn't scary.....)

The morning news
Call it old
Inflation, murder, film reviews
Its all been told

Dry taps, no power
It’s become mundane
It takes will power
To stay sane

Chasing the dime
As if anything else
Is a big crime

The thing called love
Don’t light the stove
Seems the view
Except for a few

He’s cancelled reason
Called it open season
To chase laughter and fun
It impresses no one

Even dark deeds
It don’t matter how
Can’t fill the needs
Seems boring now

There’s a time you know
It’s the edge of the room
There’s nowhere to go
Just a settling gloom

He’s been there
He’s done that
Everything seems
Like old hat

This can’t be the life
Without a twist
He eyes the knife
And looks at his wrist

At that moment
The TV Explodes in applause
Interrupting his torment
He seeks the cause

Salman Khan has just
Won the best actor
Obviously, talent
Isn’t a factor

He thinks, its not
A good time to die
If that guy is hot
Then maybe, so am I

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