Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Running Man

It’s 6 am, time to wake up
3 miles to jog and then 20 push-up
Breeze through the papers
While the coffee goes cool
Then get up and run
Drop the kids to school

Its another race to run
The alarm was the starting gun

Breakfast and then get in the car
You have to beat the traffic, by an hour,
Getting in to work  early
The bosses love  dearly
All the while, you check the mail,
In a flash or it’ll get  stale

This is the way you’re supposed to run,
All work, no play, it’s the new fun

Another meeting, another spread sheet,
This is how, they turn on the heat,
What else can you say,
This is the way,

The better your skills you hone
The more that you own

This is the day on the run
You get the picture, son?

Somewhere between all the work,
There’s the phone call from the jerk,
He’s upset that your travel bill,
Has not been submitted still

Time to tell the pr---ck in HR,
He’s the flunk, you’re the star

This is how you make things run
Sometimes you have to be the Hun

You might have to skip the lunch
So you stay ahead of the bunch
What’s the big deal?
About missing the odd meal
Got to get more revenue
As for the rest – “f…” u

You think it’s all idle sweat?
It’s how you run, till the target’s met

The Board meeting’s now over
You’ve been the cynosure
‘cos you brought in the cash
Even if the project’s mish-mash
You’ve pushed yourself to the brink
The prize = the boss calls you for a drink

In between the sips and the talk
You keep an eye on the wall clock

Time to rush. get home by nine
Pretend to the family that you have the time
Discuss the new stereo, the weekend trip
Anything to make their anger slip

They don’t realize it’s about the career graph
Sounds like the right epitaph

For if you ever think the work is done
Baby, it the end of your run

Keep running as hard as you can
You have to finish what you began
You don’t realize,  it’s like a treadmill
Run as hard you are, you’re at the same place still
Finish all the fun parts of the life
Friends, kids, the lovely wife

Running man, don’t you understand?
This wasn’t the plan
Time to be a man
Regain the clan
Time to tell the boss,
That you will cut your loss.

Running Man………….

(I had the instrumentals of Dire Straits' "Heavy Fuel" playing in my head when cranking this out. The title, of course, a straight lift from a Stephen King novella). 

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  1. Mythili Ravi2:43 PM

    Good One.... philosophical !?!