Monday, October 01, 2012

Welcome to the Dark

There’s that breeze
That’s shaking the trees
Its on your face
But you can’t feel the trace

The falling rain
It causes no pain
When it hits the ground
There is no sound

The mind is in tune
The centre of the typhoon
In the middle of the night
The soul is in flight

You can hear the quiet
Like a loud riot
You can see the dark
Its so obvious, so stark

“There’s something about the black
That puts things back on track
A symphony of the senses
That work in concensus

The happy wave of calm
The darkness being the psalm
I wonder if it’s this
That they call bliss?

Shortly the sun’s ray
Will hatch the new day
And kill this piece of magic
Ain’t it tragic?

When you wake up you’ll find
You want yet another rewind
Relive that state of mind
That views the world kind

Welcome to the dark
My private amusement park


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Fun! I got the link to this via the thread for your essay on CourseA ModPo. I was one of your reviewers. This sounds like you should add a beat to it and it would make an awesome hip hop song. Nice freestyle!

    1. Thanks! also for making the time to trawl this! at some point I intend to experiment with wrapping this in music. (Feel free to try your own versions with this...and let me know it'll be a huge ego boost for me!!).