Thursday, November 15, 2012

Forthcoming Blockbusters and Bestsellers - a prediction

Recent developments  across the globe have provided plenty of entertainment and drama. Like it has been the case for a couple of decades now, there will be plenty of scope for extending book and movie franchises and some potential blockbusters. Some of these are listed below:

“The Spy Who Loved Me” – an author’s inside view of the deadly military engagement in the Middle East

“Bloodsport” – the true saga of the Tour de France

“Kill Bills” – creative accounting by Parliamentarians in democracies as they fight to implement austerity measures

“Gone with the Wind” – New York’s fight to maintain pre-eminence against the evil forces of nature

“The Italian Job” – succession planning in a south Asian democracy

“For a Few Dollars More” – defence procurement across the globe (bonus chapter on "How to sell a toilet seat for $ 1,000). 

“The Seven Per Cent Solution” -  how to beat the competition in winning govt contracts in Africa and East Asia

“Debt Wish” -  a Greek tragedy

“The Sting” – achieving success on Wall Street (a CDO exclusive presentation)

“Mission Impossible – V” – a collaborative effort between three former US Heads of State and three Indian Prime Minister’s on piloting legislation in hung houses and coalition governments.

Any suggestions that you have?

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