Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting to Normal

This is an outcome of an assignment for a poetry course I'm doing.

The assignment uses Bernadette Mayer's suggestion in "writing experiments" : "Using phrases relating to one subject or idea to write about another. For example, use science terms to write about childhood or philosophic language to describe a shirt."

I used an article on the Economic crisis (2008 and thereafter) to write about human relationships and (implicitly) marriage.  The article : Getting to Normal by Daniel Gros 

The entire text is sourced from the article. Hope you enjoy the results. I enjoyed the process. I'll skip the philosophy behind it...if you don't get it after reading, then I've done it badly! 

Getting to Normal

Large assets suddenly appears
A normal risk return calculus quantified
Sometimes owners at any price
This has never happened before
The boom phase

a similar pattern
risk-free status
could explain the evolution
over time
The de facto default
Outright mutualization

concentrated debt
is not compatible
Socialization law expressly forbids
Continuing periphery

a mere value to be plugged
increased deficits
the height of the crisis
homeowners abandoning
own countries’ bonds

a return to normal
still searching for “fundamentals,”
biggest risk
solemnly orchestrated
Toxic suddenly appears
Decline unprecedented in securities

That guarantee
to disintegrate
the status quo ante
Residential peacetime shattered

Safe regulatory framework anticipated
Repricing rationally
At fire sale prices
A similar pattern Union
Underpinned losses

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