Friday, November 28, 2014


Lou Bloom is hardworking. He works through the night, every night.
He is optimistic. No setback diminishes his confidence that the good times are just at that left turn ahead.
He is committed. He does not duck the hard work it entails.
He is a quick self-learner. He trains himself to do things at appropriate times during the day. He uses technology – on line resources including business school curriculum.
He is focussed. He does not get distracted by emotive issues.
He communicates clearly. No ambiguity in what he says.
He is a good negotiator. He strives for the best deal regardless of the wicket he’s batting on. And accepts quickly when it’s a bad wicket and does not waste the other person’s time.
He has no ego. Insults, insinuations and sledges – are all filtered for the constructive feedback they may provide, and the rest discarded.
He carries no grudges.
He is a sensitive communicator. At no point does his manner or context of communication, treat the other person as anything less than one worthy of dignity and equality. If his communication is hurting you, that’s exactly what he intended.
He takes defeats in his stride.  A failed negotiation is an opportunity to learn, not the end of life.
He seizes opportunity. Small openings are leveraged for learning, earning and yearning.
He is an egalitarian – no racism, misogyny. He doesn’t expect anyone to do things he hasn’t done himself, or won’t do himself.
He is visionary. He does not want to dilute his vision of his work whether its partnerships, employment or meaningful relationships.

Lou Bloom is the epitome of the modern, evolved dream of the highly educated, trained and sensitive society. This is the person who holds the highest office – running a leading news channel providing cutting edge insights into life, or running the billion dollar corporation, or running the global initiative to resolve poverty or…..running a country. Who wouldn’t want a person with all those qualities to be in charge?

Lou Bloom is the guy we see on TV, the guy we meet at work, in the boardroom, pushing the “big idea” that will resolve poverty and the world’s ills, who conducts proper and scintillating conversations in social fora – sensitive to everyone’s needs and points of view.

Lou Bloom is a despicable, horrible human being. Everything in life is geared towards ordering itself around his happiness. Appropriate conduct is the currency with which he trades with the world. Lou Bloom is the monster that walks amongst us, sometimes inside us.

Nightcrawler –I’ve never enjoyed a movie so thoroughly, where I started out disliking the character and finished almost homicidally hating him. And walked away with the thinking I’ve met this guy (girl) in many places, in the real world I live in.

Brilliantly told tale. With an outstanding performance by Jake Gyllenhaal. You’ll love to hate this guy.

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